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Could Manstons demise be a good news for Lydd

By David Wimble

Could Manstons demise be a good news for Lydd

With news that the new owner of Manston airport has reportedly put a 45 day consultation inplace before announcing changes which could result in its closure, some people have contacted The Looker saying their demise could only be seen as good news for Lydd.

Ironically the airports main airline KLM have just started a massive tv advertising campaign promoting the airport and the destinations it fly’s too.

The airport was bought by Ann Gloag, who co-founded the Stagecoach Group, for a £1 in October last year, and as part of the deal much of the creditors debts were either wiped clean or reduced.

The BBC business correspondent Mark Norman said: "I understand the business is losing money and may have to close." In a post put online on Wednesday. The airport employs about 150 staff, who will be fearing for their jobs.

If the airport should close what could this mean for Lydd? As the closest viable commercial Airport with the ability to land 737 style jets subject to getting their runway extension go ahead and new terminal building.

A spokesman for Lydd Airport expressed surprise at the Manston Airport announcement. “It is incredibly sad to hear of any airport in trouble, especially one in Kent. Of course the business model at Manston is very different to our own at Lydd and we remain very confident that our investment plans here will create a successful, modern regional airport capable of providing high quality air travel services to a wide catchment area in Kent, East Sussex and beyond,” he said.

Lydd Airport has been granted planning permission for a runway extension and a new terminal building. Construction work on the runway is expected to start later in the year.

One of the historic problems for Manston has been it’s sheer size, with one of the longest commercial runways in Europe the cost of landing, storage of aircraft has always be disproportionately high, compared to Lydd which as a much smaller site could accommodate smaller holiday