Sunday 23rd August 2015

Early last year I’d never even heard of New Romney, now, as of last Saturday, I am Romney Marsh’s newest resident…I seem to have acquired a new home, partner, dog, and job as deputy editor of The Looker.. Life definitely begins at 40!!

Deputy Looker editor Annabel Clare

Deputy Looker editor
Annabel Clare

It’s an almighty leap unrooting from my life in Liverpool and heading 300 miles south but one I felt was worth making. I’ve been visiting the Marsh regularly for quite a while now and I’ve fallen in love with the place. It has to be one of the most beautiful parts of the country and everyone I’ve met have been so welcoming of this Scouse interloper. I’ve even met a couple of Liverpudlian’s who have made the Marsh their home too.
I just wonder how long I have to live here before I’m considered a Marshian?
After moving in, David Wimble (my partner and editor of The Looker) had me hard at it almost immediately, showing me the ropes and what was expected of me (in a work capacity, of course). So what does the job of a deputy editor involve? Well, I thought I’d do a blog as an insight into what my new life is going to be like.
This week has been a whirlwind, after arriving early Saturday morning, I had just enough time to unpack my possessions when it was time to get glammed up for a night of good food and live entertainment at Sotirios 103 in Greatstone. Costas is the perfect host and always gives a warm welcome, we celebrated with a bottle of champagne,(cheers Costas!) and enjoyed the night dancing away to a trio belting out the best of Motown hits.
Sunday found us up early and heading over to Brenzett Aeronautical Museum to cover the unveiling of an Airfield Memorial Stone. Then, the afternoon was spent at the 999 Emergency Services Day down at Littlestone Beach.
Sunday and Tuesday evenings was spent watching free concerts on Hythe canal as part of the Hythe Venetian Fete. Sunday was the popular ‘Jodie and the Diamond Knights’ and Tuesday was the ABBA tribute ‘Abbalicious’ both had us singing along. Wednesday we were up at the crack of dawn for my first time delivering The Looker across various locations across the Marsh and I really enjoyed meeting a lot of our advertisers and readers. Come Wednesday evening, with our picnic basket bulging, we made our way over to the Hythe Venetian Fete. I’d been really looking forward to this bi-annual event and made our way through the crowds and found a spot on the riverbank, which, I have to say, is a lot steeper than it looks.. not easy balancing a glass of bubbly, a ham sandwich and bowl of strawberries and cream whilst trying not to slide into the person in front of you!.. However, the decorated floats that paraded past on the canal and impressive firework display made it all worth it, they were all amazing and what a fantastic atmosphere!
Wednesday found me writing my first news story for The Looker website, ‘Brian May and Anita Dobson spotted in New Romney!’ who knew my new home was the latest celebrity hangout?!
In the heat on Saturday we made our way across to the charming village of Woodchurch, for a charity fun day featuring a re-enactment of the game ‘Goal Running’, a long forgotten Kentish tradition, played mainly in small rural communities, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch of pulled pork whilst trying to make out what the actual rules of the game were! The afternoon I was swimming in the beautifully warm waters of the English Channel at Littlestone..

So, there you have it.. my first week. Next week will see me at the Sandgate Sea Festival on Sunday and watching David take on the hill in The Looker Downhill Gravity Racer (if he finishes building it in time!) at the Aldington SoapBox Derby on Bank Holiday Monday.