‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ or so the old adage goes. It’s been 3 months since I officially severed all ties with Liverpool City Council and thought working for myself was a more credible option.
And on the whole it has been; far from easy but with no one to answer to except myself, and possibly David!
Running a newspaper is no mean feat, especially when you feel you have been thrown into the deep end and all you can do is the doggy paddle!
Everyday I’m learning new things or meeting new people, which is great and very simulating after having done the same job for so many years. A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into churning out The Looker every 2 weeks, something David glossed over when he was selling me the idea of moving 300 miles from home to run it with him!
Though even the cut and thrust of running a media empire is nothing when the dark cloud of homesickness decends: when it does , it gives no warning, it can happen anywhere at any time, nothing in particular can set it off, you just feel a wave of emotion flood your whole body, when all I want do is go home and surround myself with everything that’s familiar to me-no one else.
There’s no pill you can take for it and I’m not even sure it will ever go. It is self inflicted pain.
It’s always nice to discover a new place and even better when someone treats you to it! So visiting The Gallivant in Camber with our friend, Peter Martin, was a double surprise. This was definitely my kind of place, all coastal shabby chic with a hint of Scandinavian charm. Though I doubt you’d find anything from Ikea in this place. I’m happy to say it had substance as well as style, with the food being totally sublime, and the English sparkling wine, well, its true, you really do get what you pay for. It was amazing. Really, the one place one visit is never going to be enough.
I was very kindly invited by Linsey and Vicki, the owners of That Beauty Shop in New Romney Street, to watch them perform one of their aesthetic beauty treatments they have on offer. Not yet brave enough to try micro-needling myself , but having heard good reports on it’s results, I was keen to witness the procedure for myself. I need to apologise to the lovely Marilyn, who was having the procedure, for my scrutinizing every inch of her face, even before they had even started. This was her second go at it, and I have to say, her skin looked fresh and clear, even after just one treatment . The procedure was swift and efficient, with Marilyn reporting only a slight discomfort but certainly nothing to fear. Definitely something for the future for me to try maybe..bellowhead1
For sometime now, David has been singing the praises (no pun intended) of the folk band ‘Bellowhead’, and a couple of weeks ago i finally got to witness what all the hooey had been about. I had no expectations at all, but was blown away by how fantastic they were: made all the more ironic as it was their ‘farewell tour’! Typical, though I was grateful to experience them live before they split.
I’m pleased to say that our networking evening at Sotirio’s 103 restaurant in Greatstone was a great success. Welcoming lots of our current advertisers and a few new ones too, it was lovely to put faces to names. Hopefully we can do more of these nights and The Looker can continue to go from strength to strength.
As Im writing this, the wind is howling outside, looks like Winter has finally arrived, good job i’ve got a few weeks in the Caribbean to look forward to. I shall be attending Bootcamp with more enthusiasm than normal in the run up to that and will be avoiding mince pies like the plague.
Until next time
Annabel xbellowhead