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Deputy Editor’s Blog

‘Blog’ Give me Strength

‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ or so the old adage goes. It’s been 3 months since I officially severed all ties with Liverpool City Council and thought working for myself was a more credible option. And on the whole it has been; far from easy but with no one to answer to except myself, and possibly David! Running ...Full Article

One step at a time

Wednesday 21st October 2015 Just the word ‘bootcamp’ was enough to send a shiver down my spine. The idea of a would-be Drill Sergeant barking orders at me whilst ...Full Article

Clare In The Community

Sunday 4th October 2015 It’s all go here!..Well, it’s been another fun packed couple of weeks at Wimble Towers for Yours Truly and His Nibbs. First up, I finally ...Full Article

Huntin’.. Shootin’.. Fishin’….

Saturday 19th September 2015 Last weeks meal at Demetrios nearly never happened..when David managed to do his back in from just bending over to pick something up. Luckily, massage ...Full Article

The ‘scousification’ of….

Saturday 5th September 2015 I almost choked on my cappuccino-as we sat after lunch on the Fred. Olsen cruise ship Braemar last week – when my friend stated that ...Full Article

Making the move

Sunday 23rd August 2015 Early last year I’d never even heard of New Romney, now, as of last Saturday, I am Romney Marsh’s newest resident…I seem to have acquired ...Full Article