Saturday 19th September 2015
Last weeks meal at Demetrios nearly never happened..when David managed to do his back in

the girls gone all country! or all the gear and no idea?

the girls gone all country! or all the gear and no idea?

from just bending over to pick something up. Luckily, massage supremo, Graham, did a mercy dash over from Deal to perform a minor miracle, with the aid of his magic hands and some Tremadol, he was just about mobile again. I can’t imagine what its like to be in such excruciating pain, its so debilitating, but as I write this, he’s swanned off to watch France v Italy in the Rugby World Cup at Twickenham so he must be on the mend. I’m glad we did make it to Demetrio’s Restaurant (in Greatstone), it’s defiantly no-frills but as a family run place the welcome was warm and the food authentic and all lovingly cooked by the most lovely Greek mamma, I’d defiantly go again when I get the urge for a lamb kebab, which might be sooner than I think!

I recently acquired my longed for Barbour jacket and some posh new wellies.

They even give you a “Barbour” pin, which I’m proudly wearing like a badge of honour, now I’m officially part of the ‘huntin, shootin, fishin’ set, having recently donning them for my first ploughing competition – can’t say you get many of these kind of events in Liverpool-I’ve even got the dog and the 4×4, so this city slicker is slowly making the transition to country bumpkin.. I’ve even got David kitted out too! Though I think it could be a case of all the gear and no idea? As much as I’m loving living in the country, it’s all so far removed from living in a major city where I was used to having all the major high street shops on my doorstep, now I’m getting excited visiting a moderately sized Tesco!

Last Tuesday was the fish and chip train ride on the world famous Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch steam train. Packed full of train enthusiasts we trundled off to Dungeness. Now, I know nothing bout trains, but I know a decent fish and chips when I see one, and my goodness they where good! Even the apple pie and cream was heavenly, accompanied by David’s Mum and Dad, we had some great company too.

Wednesday was lunch at Aboyne House on Romney High Street. We always like to frequent our advertiser’s gaffs, so Friday we decided to hold another business pow-wow at the Woolpack in Brookland. Yes, it’s a definite perk of the job but one we think is essential!!.. Though all these business lunches are playing havoc with my diet, so I’m starting my BOO-TEA Teatox Detox tomorrow, its won slimming product of the year so I’ve high hopes for this. Think I’ll do it along side the 5:2 diet, so between the two it might have the desired affect?

Lord Howard and Paul Apps cutting the ribbon for the opening of Paul's new Fine Art Studio

Lord Howard and Paul Apps cutting the ribbon for the opening of Paul’s new Fine Art Studio

I’ve always toyed with the idea of getting my nails done with a Shellac manicure as I’m the only woman I know who hasn’t had them done. So after talking to Lindsey from That Beauty Place in Romney High St, I took the plunge and on Saturday morning I got them done. Her 16 year old son Drew had the dubious pleasure of first sorting out my misshapen talons into perfectly shaped nails. After 20 minutes he had transformed them. Wow, I love them, I can’t believe I’ve taken so long getting them done, that’s it now, I’m already booked in for my next session. I am getting a facial with light chemical peel there next week too, so will let you know how that goes.

with old Lustworthy himself... aka Michael Lyons, Worshipful Mayor of Hythe and speaker of the Cinque Ports

with old Lustworthy himself… aka Michael Lyons, Worshipful Mayor of Hythe and speaker of the Cinque Ports

With David’s back still giving him jip, we made the painful decision to sell our tickets for Radio 2’s Festival in a Day in Hyde Park and thought we’d make a day of it front of the telly. It’s not quite the same, but did I really want to stand for 10 hours in a field with 55,000 other people? After waking up to heavy rain, I was secretly pleased his bad back had saved me and even more relieved after watching a very disappointing Rod Stewart performance. We love Rod, but what the hell was he thinking, playing a load of songs even he hadn’t sung since 1969!!.. No Baby Jane, Maggie May or Hot Legs?..a travesty..
We went to the blessing of the Dungeness RNLI Lifeboat instead, a very moving service dedicated to the new lifeboat “The Morrell”. A organisation very important to the close knit community here, including our David who’s been involved with them for 30 years.

Tuesday we were back at Dungeness, this time at the Power Station, covering a story for the celebration of 100,000 visitor to its visitor centre. All the local big-wigs where there and we were treated to a speech from the very eloquent and charismatic EDF Chief Exec. Vincent de Rivaz.
Yes, I’m certainly moving in elevated circles, as after lunch on Thursday in the posh Hythe Bay Seafood Restaurant, I sat admiring the beautiful view out to sea, sipping my chilled sauvignon blanc and tucking into my scampi and chips, we then hot-footed it over to the gallery opening of Paul Apps, a very talented and world renowned painter, specialising in the most wonderful animal art, to mingle with a host of Hythe’s movers and shakers, including arts biggest supporter Briony Kapoor and Mayor of Hythe, the lovely Michael Lyons and see the ribbon being officially cut by the RT. HON. Lord and Lady Howard… can’t say I saw ‘something of the night’ about him though.

Til next time

Love Annabel x