Five-year-old Arthur Saunders Is put in a solid effort in the Junior World Golf Championships, In San Diego.
Building in confidence over the three rounds shooting a credible 66 shots on his first round despite having two hiccups on the par 3, third and fourth hole taking 14 shots and dropping down the leaderboard, however he did himself proud with two eagles on 12th and 17th. In the second round he had a ‘lacklustre’ round with 70 shots. But by the third round he found a good steady form, with a very credible 63.
This score has him ranked 15th on the leaderboard for the under 6 category, a score that he can be really proud of.
Arthur who is a member of the Littlestone Golf Club, has surely surpassed expectations and for his first international competition with 1,200 competitors from more than 50 countries, playing in over 12 categories.
Before the trip Kevin, Arthurs father told The Looker; “I just hope the pressure does not get to him, however I think I will be feeling it more than him! He is the kind of kid that if he plays a bad hole, he just gets on with it”.
Golfers from Littlestone Golf Club, helped to raise thousands of pounds to pay for his trip, and Virgin agreed to provide the family with free flights.

The Looker Says Well done Arthur…you have done yourself, your club and your Country Very Proud!

country proud.