george-cole-minderSELLING CARS BY CONSENT

A new permit system has been introduced by Shepway District Council in a bid to crack down on rogue car sellers who use public streets as their forecourt.

By law, two or more cars cannot be offered for sale by the same person within 500 metres of each other on the same street. But traders can often flout the law by parking their vehicles in different places and using different mobile phone numbers on their ‘for sale’ signs.

To tackle the problem, the council has introduced a permit system so that private car owners can to sell their vehicle on the street outside their home if they wish to.

“We know that the unauthorised sale of vehicles on the roadside can cause problems for some local residents, taking up valuable parking space and often being left for weeks. We also have concerns about the roadworthiness of some cars sold on the street,” said a council spokesman.

“Private car owners who want to sell their car from their home will still be able to do so; they simply need apply to us for a free permit. If they don’t sell their car within six weeks, they can reapply.

“This system will allow us to check on vehicles offered for sale on local roads and tackle those people who may be commercial traders.”

Apply on line by going to or contact the council’s licensing team on 01303 858660.

Owners who do not have a permit to sell their car from outside their homes will be given 48 hours notice to remove the ‘for sale’ sticker or the car. If the notice is ignored, owners could be taken to court where they face a fine of up to £1,000