On Friday 23 June at 6.08pm the Dungeness lifeboat launched at the request of the UK coastguard to a 42’ de-masted yacht with three persons on board, giving out a May Day distress call, six miles south of Rye Harbour. Casualty with our Shannon - 23.06.2017.

Once on scene, deputy second coxswain Mark Richardson, in charge of the RNLI Shannon class lifeboat 13-02 ‘The Morrell’ and her volunteer crew went along side the stricken vessel to ascertain the problem and to establish the well-being of the crew on board. Due to the boom being broken it was decided to escort the casualty to the lee of the Dungeness point and assist the vessel to make a safe anchorage in the bay at Littlestone to allow the crew on the yacht to be more comfortable to rest for the night so they could make their own way on to Dover the following day.

The lifeboat returned to station, refuelled and was made ready for service by 9.45pm. Deputy second coxswain Richardson said ‘accidents happen on all vessels and we were happy to be of assistance in escorting the casualty to a safe anchorage’

Photograph by Dungeness RNLI shore crew: Mark Rippingale.