Early morning job for local coastguardsimage1
Coastguards had an early morning wake-up call on Wednesday morning, when an unexploded ordinance device was found on the beach.
The device was found on the beach at Dungeness last night at around 9.10pm onTuesday the 16th but Coastguards from Dungeness and Folkestone Coastguard Rescue Teams were called and located the item.

the team had an early start after the decision to blow up the divise was made.

The Royal Navy explosive ordinance team arrived and assessed the device before moving it into the sea for detonation.
Kent Police also attended.

When The Looker spoke to a Coast Guard Spokesperson they said: “The Dungeness team were paged at 22.19hrs on 16th April to attend Dungeness beach due to possible ordinance being located by a member of the public and had been posted on a local Facebook group. The team met with Kent police and located the ordinance, Coastguard liaised with bomb disposal from the Royal Navy and put a 100m cordon around the ordinance until 08.30hrs this morning. Folkestone Coastguard also attended early this morning to aid with cordon while bomb disposal detonated the object out to sea. If you do see any ordinance, flares or anything suspicious on our beaches, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”