Local residents of Greatstone have complained about the constant disruption from film crews, who are using the location for a new Film Blackbird.
The film production company Jean Doumanian Productions are working with Film 4 and directed . Benedict Andrews, starring Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn is described on the companies website as “an intense, unflinching examination of damaged love” however this is not how local people have described it!
With the film company closing stretches of the coast road between Greatstone and Dungeness with stop go boards, the crew have caused considerable traffic delays especially between 5pm and 6pm with staff from the Dungeness power station trying to make there was home.
Other complaints have come from parents who’s children are at the Greatstone Primary school, The film production office is set up in the car park, with one parent saying ‘the way the film crew speak to you is disgusting… certainly not the language you would want your children to hear! They are also very messy leaving food wrappers and newspaper just chucked down and being blown all over the place”.
In order for film crews to film in the area the production company need to obtain a permit from KCC Film Kent department, this can cost thousands of pounds dependent on the needs of the production company.
The Kent coast has been used a lot in the past few years for filming and pop video’s and normally try to keep disruption to a minimal.