Britain goes on lockdown to tackle COVID-19

In a bid to slow down the spread of the coronavirus in the UK, Boris Johnson has ordered the public to stay at home for three weeks. People should only go out if they need to shop for basic necessities, have daily exercise, attend to a medical need or travel to and from essential work. The move comes as the death toll in Britain reaches 335 and the number of recorded cases hits 6,650, up by 967 in a day, while officials grow increasingly concerned that the public is ignoring advice about social distancing. If people do not follow the rules police will have the powers to enforce them. Mr Johnson said all non-essential shops would be told to close, as would hotels, libraries, places of worship and playgrounds. Parks will remain open for now but gatherings of more than two people are banned, with the exception of family members. If the public continues to flout rules on social distancing, Mr Johnson said he could not rule out further restrictions.