Santa was rescued today (Sunday 20th December) when his sledge got stuck on the shingle at Littlestone; on a practice run for the big night.
It is believed that Rudolph was on his final approach into Lydd Airport to re-fuel on festive mince pies and Romney Marsh Beer.
However, he misjudged the approach, and a fast thinking Santa decided to make an emergency landing on the beach.
A local dog walker saw the sleigh full with presents, skip the waves and gently touch down on the beach. Using his mobile phone he called the Santa rescue line 999000 or as it is known locally, Nine Nine Nine Ho! Ho! Ho!
When the two coastguards turned up, Santa gave his name as Mr F. Christmas and when asked where he lived, he commented somewhere very cold, desolate and a long way away. The coastguard said ‘I’ll just put down Camber Sands then shall I?!’ Mr Christmas pointed out that he was on a whistle-stop tour and was due to be guest of honour at St. Mary’s in The Marsh to meet some local children, so the Coastguard offered to take him to the church where a gathering of families were waiting patiently for Santa to turn up.
Event organiser Helen Beba-Carr told the Looker: “We was expecting Santa to do a low flying pass over the Star Pub; when all of a sudden, we caught sight of a jovial chubby chap with glowing red cheeks wandering along the road; everyone started to cheer, only to be disappointed when it was not Santa but Andrew Sinden who said apologetically, “Sorry I’m late I was just doing some quality control with the Christmas sherry and mince pies!”
All of a sudden instead of being a peaceful ‘Silent Night’ a noise could be heard, a kind of ‘Ribbet, Ribbet’… was it Santa??? No, it was a Marsh ‘Mistle Toad!’ we were all surprised to see blue flashing lights and a slightly late Santa being chauffeur driven by the local coastguard.
Santa thanked them and said, despite the stories, he had heard rumours that perhaps they have been naughty boys this year? but they had now redeemed themselves, and he sent them on his way with a bottle of something (slightly stronger than lemonade!)
The children of St.Mary’s in The Marsh then took turns going up to see Santa and receiving a little present in preparation for the big day.
Santa said sorry for being late, apparently Rudolph will be OK for the big night, he was caught eating some Christmas decorations, and Santa’s personal vet said he was suffering from a mild dose of Tinsilitis!
The event was organised by the St Mary’s in the Marsh Project Fund