Lydd Town Council not only talk rubbish…. they do something about it!

Saturday (4th March) a group of over 20 volunteers gave up their Saturday morning to collect rubbish from across the town.
Cllr Clive Goddard told The Looker: “It’s fantastic to have such a community spirit, and see so many people turn up to help spruce Lydd up. We have organised these events in the past and only a couple of people turned up.”

organiser Clive Goddard...Talks Rubbish

organiser Clive Goddard…Talks Rubbish

Another Councillor Vicki Dawson said; “Lydd really does have a good community spirit about it and the number of people that turned up today is testament to that.”
Mark Luetchford, Communications Manager of Shepway District Council, was on hand to distribute the clear up bags and high visibility jackets to the volunteers, along with County Councillor Carole Waters, who has long been known to champion a tidy the district campaign, even using money from her personal local allocation to come up with two life size characters called ‘Bag-it and Bin-it’.
At the end of two hours of collecting, nearly 40 bags of rubbish had been collected, Mark said; “Whilst it’s great to have had so many people attend, picking up rubbish is something people can do at anytime, and along with a group of others we regularly collect rubbish up along the coast, whilst walking the dog.”
Clive Goddard said; “The event has been so well supported, we are considering doing this two or three times a year, it’s easy to moan about the state of the district, but these people are prepared to do something about it. How many times have you seen people driving along the road and just chucking rubbish out the window? These Lydd residents have done the town proud!”