Lantern 1

Visit the Looker website and download the printed template for the lantern and follow the instructions on where to fold the paper or card to make your lantern.  If you want a bigger lantern you can enlarge the template and cut and join the pieces together.  Don’t forget to cut out the centre windows and put either tissue paper or coloured cellophane in to let the light out. You can also cut some shapes from card and stick them on….maybe Santa or a snowman. You will also need an electric tea light to put inside! DO NOT USE CANDLES OR TEA LIGHTS WITH A NAKED FLAME!

Lantern making 2 - Copy

Lantern 2

Use a soft drinks bottle (lemonade or cola etc.). Cut the bottle in half horizontally.  Cut a circle of card to make the roof of the lantern.  Put tissue paper, cellophane or stickers on the inside of the bottle.  Tape across the bottom of the bottle with some electrical or masking tape to form a cross.  Put the tea light inside and stick it to the tape. Make sure you can see the switch so that you can switch it on. Cut a hole in the cardboard in the centre and then wrap around the bottle top. Secure with tape.  Tie some ribbon around the bottle top and put the lid back on. Decorate the cardboard with stickers or glitter. DO NOT USE CANDLES OR TEA LIGHTS WITH A NAKED FLAME!

coke bottle instructions

Lantern 3

Use a juice carton (the long ones from the supermarket) wash it out and let it dry.  Draw rectangles on each side of the carton. On one side of the carton you will need to make a door.  Cut out three sides of the carton and on the fourth side, cut a door – so don’t cut all of the rectangle out, only cut on three sides.  You can still cut out a panel in the door or you can leave it solid. Stick cellophane or tissue paper over the openings to make windows, you can decorate these with card to make other shapes.  Decorate the outside of the carton with coloured paper, glitter or tinsel.  Glue on a handle or cut some holes into the carton and feed through some ribbon. DO NOT USE CANDLES OR TEA LIGHTS WITH A NAKED FLAME!

We hope you have a fantastic time at the Lantern Parade as a great forerunner to Christmas.

Lantern template