In New Romney and across the district motorist paid the price for driving through deep ‘lakes’ of water on the A259 after a sudden deluge of rain today.
With 4 cars stalled in the middle of large lakes, the repair bills to engine damage could run into thousands of pounds.
The New Romney High Street was hit in two places, by the Petrol Station, which has long suffered from flooding in the past, but apparently has been fixed with the drains being unblocked! (see photo’s that apparently say otherwise)
And also up the other end of the High street were Cheap Jacks suffered large stock losses as cars drove past creating a ‘wake’ which swept lots of plastic containers and other items into the path of oncoming traffic. We asked a Kent highways officer about the risks of driving through water he told us; “Just six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars; this depth can cause loss of control or possible stalling as water is sucked into the exhaust or washes into the air intake. If you have to drive through a flooded section of road, drive in the middle where the water will be at its shallowest. Please consider other drivers – pass through flooded sections one car at a time, don’t drive through water against approaching vehicles.”
The golden rule is if you are not sure don’t attempt it.
More flash floods are forecast throughout the day and into the early hours of tomorrow. Be Safe