Marsh Media Limited (The Looker’s parent company) have done an exclusive deal to represent Rob Charles. Rob is famous for being the voice of Peter Kay’s award winning BBC1 show Car Share. The show has just finished its second series, telling the story of how John (Peter’s character) a deputy manager of a supermarket, has under company instruction started ‘doing his bit for the planet’ and introduced a car share scheme.Forever-FM-717x430
Leading by example he has teamed up promotions rep Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson) for the daily trip into work and back home again.
One of highlights of the BBC sitcom is the music that is featured throughout the programme and the ‘witty banter’ of the Forever FM presenter, who has become as much of a star as the two leading characters.
24700_406208540515_7555500_n David Wimble, Chairman of Radio Waves said: “I have always loved the show and Peter Kay’s comedy is fantastic, but for me the real star of the show was not only the music that featured in every episode, but the cliché radio presenter, who has a fantastic ‘local radio voice’. Our company supplies onboard radio stations to some of the world’s leading cruise ships and I thought it would be fantastic to offer a package of ‘Forever FM’ style shows  to them.”

Radio Waves tracked down the voice behind the mic; Chorley FM’s (coming in yer ears) Rob Charles, who is now providing weekly bespoke shows for us. All the shows will be fully branded for the ships that they are on.
Rob told The Looker: ” I have been asked by all the radio stations who want a ‘Down the Line’ telephone interview what it was like to record the links and what was Peter Kay like to work with? The truth of the matter is that I have never actually met him, all the links for the last series were recorded in one afternoon in a studio at the BBC Media City in Salford Quays. For me it’s great to be associated with such an established show, after the first series we did not know if, there would be a second series. Now everyone wants to know what is coming next? Again the truth is I really don’t know, there are rumours that a Christmas special might be filmed, but as yet I have not been asked. But it will be fun working with David and his team at Radio Waves producing shows which will feature the same kind of 70’s , 80’s and 90’s pop that we featured on the TV show, along with competitions.”
David Wimble said: “Rob is a terrific radio presenter, with a long history of working for some of the great radio stations across the UK.  We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have him onboard with us, and I am sure we will be supplying ships worldwide very soon with his unique voice and style of show.”

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