Presented by Newchurch Village ProductionsNewchurch Pantomime (1)

I had the pleasure of watching the above family pantomime on Sunday afternoon at Newchurch Village Hall.
The writer/director Amanda King did a delightful job in sticking fairly closely to the original, but with one or two added extras!!
The feisty Tinkerbell had an unexpected helper in the shape of Hairy Fairy- this being a well built chap in full body leotard of bright multi colours with sparkly beard and a very full head of hair, dressed in pink tutu and wand… this apparition together with the wind attacks had the audience in fits of laughter.
Another extra! to the original were the 3 Sailors who were both nautical and naughty! Despite the occasional forgetting of words the ad-libs, double entendres and cringe making puns had the adult audience chuckling throughout.
Another extra! was in the form of a very naughty Nanny who seemed to be determined to find a man ! This of course was even funnier as the chap playing Nanny with facial hair was camping it up in the best theatrical tradition.
The musical numbers were great and the recorded musical segment worthy of a pop music video.
The whole presentation was brilliant from the Director, Narrator, Whole Cast (young and a little older), back stage Crew, Costumes, Lighting, Sound and the lovely Catering ladies.
The younger members of the cast did extremely well and may possibly be hiding the next Judi Dench or John Gielgud??
I for one will be looking forward to their next presentation when another fun afternoon can be experienced and at £4 a ticket the best value going!! I highly recommend it………..

Lyn Sharp.