With most people in the country being consumed with the Covid-19 crisis, the problem of increasing number of migrants continues.

A total 64 migrants were discovered in vessels in the English Channel in the past week along with some who did make it to our coast.

Although only one boat made it to the UK coast the rest were all picked up by Border Force cutters. All were checked for coronavirus, before being brought to Dover for processing.

Dungeness Lifeboat was launched to one of the incidents and after the migrants had been transferred to the Border Force ship, the RHIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) was brought back to Dungeness Lifeboat station.

In the three separate incidents, the first an abandoned was found on the beach at The Warren, Folkestone. Five life jackets were found but no migrants.

In the second incident, at around 9.30am, Border Force were alerted to a vessel outside the port of Dover, and intercepted 15 migrants.

picture by Susan Pilcher

There were 11 males and four females who presented themselves as Iranian nationals.

At the same time, in the third case, Border Force stopped a vessel carrying 24 people, including seven children. They said they were Iranian and Iraqi.

A Home Office spokesman said: “All appeared to be fit and well following medical assessment and will be continuously monitored for symptoms of coronavirus.

“All have now been transferred to immigration officials to be interviewed and their cases will be dealt with according to the immigration rules.

“In line with Public Health England guidance, Border Force and all operational staff have the relevant personal protective equipment available to them.”

The spokesman added: “Our priority will always be protecting the lives of vulnerable people, and arresting and dismantling the organised crime gangs who prey on those are prepared to gamble with the lives of others.”

This adds up to five migrant incidents this week, including  2 that were picked up on Tuesday and adding up to 64 people.

picture by Susan Pilcher