With a number of prospective councillors attending a meeting at Folkestone & Hythe District Council, the race for seats on both the District Council and also those at Parish and Town level has stepped up.
With many local people feeling disenfranchised by local politicians representing national parties, it is believed that a large number of independent candidates standing on local tickets will put themselves forward.
Some of the major parties have reportedly struggled to recruit candidates, with some being parachuted into vulnerable seats.eddie goddard
Dymchurch boasts possibly the youngest Tory candidate in the history of the party, 22-year-old Edward Goddard from Lydd, who’s father Clive Goddard has represented Lydd for three terms and is Chairman of the local conservative association. He told The Looker: “I am very pleased to stand for Dymchurch. I may be standing against what some of the parish council have been fighting for, but believe I can make a difference. Amongst the things I am campaigning for is stopping any development on the Recreation Ground. However, I believe in controlled development of affordable housing and improving the police presence within the town plus trying to do something about the speed limit on the A259”.
Edward has already started a social media campaign by posting on several Facebook websites and asking opinions on what residents want of their candidates.
He has received a lot of support through social media, however one of the posts by Edward had a response from Cliff Ball who posted, ‘What has this village come too? Why do we have someone who does not even live in the village come out with all the same old Tory rubbish, we have heard all this before. Talk is cheap, actions speak far louder, where has this young ‘whipper-snapper’ been before. Even if he does get elected, why would he be interested in Dymchurch. He should be representing the people of Lydd!”
Other comments have been far more positive with Suzie Watson saying: “I think it is good that the youth of the town want to play a big part in its future, I hope he gets elected.”
Elsewhere across the district, parties have already started sending political manifestos through the doors of the electorate.
Bookmakers have suggested that the turn out for this years local elections will be the worst for many years, citing that people are fed up with ‘self centred politicians, putting their needs before those of the country.’
If you would like to make a difference to the town or village that you live in, then it’s not too late. Contact your council and find out how to stand for election on Thursday 2nd of May.