peter_simmonsThat is what former Looker editor David Wimble said about ‘disgraced’ Tory Councillor Peter Simmons after he was found guilty of making false expenses claims by Shepway District Council last week.
David told The Looker: “I could not believe what I was reading when I picked up a copy of the Kentish Express to see a quote from Cllr Simmons stating he would ‘carry on serving the people of New Romney.’ This man has not served the people of New Romney at all! He put forward a motion to approve planning for 300 homes to be built on a flood plain, and has a track record of attending meetings, claiming expenses, but not contributing to those meetings, in any way, shape or form.”
Since handing the Conservative Whip back and then acting as an Independent, he has not attended any of the three full council meetings or any of the committees he was a member of.
Following the cut in councillors representing wards being slashed from 46 to 30 by the electoral reform committee, New Romney went from 4 councillors to just two. With UKIP winning one seat and Cllr Simmons claiming the traditional Conservative vote. Since his win, he has only been seen at a handful of meetings, but has still been claiming his allowances, according to SDC’s own website he has been paid…
£986.10- Basic councillor’s allowance
£1008.78-Special responsibility allowance
£91.23- IT payments
£265.91- Travel allowance
Totalling £2352.02 The Looker would like to know what Councillor Simmons has done for the people of New Romney to justify taking these payments? andy-bennett 2
Andy Bennett, told The Looker: “Its simple really, if Cllr Simmons wants to represent the historic Cinque Ports town of New Romney as an Independent Councillor, then perhaps he should do the decent thing and stand down, then in a by-election he can set out his own manifesto and not ride on the back of the traditional loyal ‘blue vote’. To be honest, his Conservative manifesto read like a comic book, stating that should he get elected, he would jot down car number plates and report those speeding drivers, along with his need to report dog fouling! Is it really what we want our councillors to do? Don’t we want them to act on our behalf? Such as, when we help with planning applications and serious issues affecting housing and benefits.”
What do you think of Cllr Simmons? Has he helped you? Has he returned your phone calls or correspondence? Let The Looker know.