MINDLESS vandals stole and broke garden chairs, pushed over sheds, kicked in gates, and damaged vegetables when they raided allotments at Eaton Lands.
The allotments were targeted by a group on the nights of Tuesday 30th and possibly Wednesday 31st May and heartbroken owners arrived at their plots to find much of their hard work destroyed.
The offenders had created a campfire site in woodland near to the allotments, and tore down tree limbs to fuel a fire. They also left empty plastic sachets, which are thought to have contained drugs and numerous empty wine, spirit and beer bottles were discarded on the site.
Zeba Rimmer is an allotment holder and a victim of the destruction at Eaton Lands. She said “I am happy to help highlight the problem and catch those behind the vandalism.”
Giles Barnard from Shepway District Council’s community safety unit was quick to survey the damage. He added: “They have been breaking chairs, damaging woodland and illegally drinking. Do their parents really know where their children are, or are they being deceived?”
Keith Miles, a Hythe Town Council member of the allotments sub-committee said the latest wrecking spree would be discussed at its next meeting. He added “This behaviour is disturbing and very disappointing. Hythe Town Council is supportive of the tenants on its allotment sites, and we will not tolerate behaviour of this sort.”
Police are investigating the incident and will be stepping up patrols in the area. They have issued an appeal for information. A spokesman for Kent Police has asked anyone with information to get in touch by calling their force control room on the non-emergency 101 number quoting Incident reference ZY/22335/17.