Two fire appliances five coastguard units and the crew from Littlestone Lifeboat station all took part in a dramatic mud rescue at Littlestone exercise  on Thursday evening.
The training scenario had a group of people stuck up to there wastes in mud.
With the crew of Littlestone Lifeboat station acting as some of the casualties, teams set about inflating rafts which the teams used to move stretchers and the teams to reach the stricken crew.
With the Coast guard setting up a winch to help drag the casualties back up the beach.
A special 8 wheel beach buggy from Kent Fire and Rescue based in Herne Bay made up the full scale exercise.
With all emergency services having to work together as a single team, on senior fire officer said that the exercise had been ‘invaluable’.

with appliances from Herne Bay, Folkstone New Romney Dymchurch and Lydd along with Coast Gaurd units from across the district the exercise was deemed a success, with scenario which could happen at any time with the state of the beach at the moment. all the teams involved however did have a good time seeing some of there colleagues covered from head to toe in slimy smelly mud and sand.