Two town councils have collaborated to develop a cultural shore-line to success representing their respective Coastal Community Teams, the Mayor of New Romney and the Town Clerk of Hythe attended a reception at the House of Commons, Westminster to launch a new national ‘Coastal Culture Network’. This was a direct result of the recent successful applications to the Department for Communities and Local Government for funding for each Town to form a Coastal Community Team and develop a Socio-Economic crest
The Plans will create a vision for future progress and include a range of projects that will help improve the quality of life for residents, local businesses and visitors to the area.
The projects, supported by a range of existing and emerging partnerships that are linked to each Town, will, it is hoped, also encourage further investment in the area.
Contemporary arts and culture are recognised as an important element that can help spur coastal regeneration, so cultural links are perceived as an opportunity to develop the economy of the area. New Romney’s CCT has already identified the importance of the arts in helping to nurture growth in the local Tourism industry.
The success of JAM on the Marsh – a 10 day Multi-Arts Festival held each July – has attracted a significant number of visitors over the past 5 years. Other initiatives, such as local charity IMOS, have also had a positive impact. Edward Armitage – Chairman of JAM on the Marsh also attended the launch and is a proactive philanthropic supporter of the arts.
The launch of the Coastal Culture Network is a proposal that builds on the work of many organisations across the Country and aims to bring together coastal local authorities, cultural organisations, CCT’s and others aiming to build on the potential to use arts and culture as a key factor in the regeneration of our British seaside towns. It will promote sharing of good practice, information and opportunities to facilitate growth in the range and quality of arts and culture in our coastal communities.
New Romney Mayor Patricia Rolfe said: “New Romney has a long established connection to the arts, with links to Shakespeare, Edith Nesbitt, HG Wells and many others including modern artists such as Rose Finn-Kelcey. I was delighted to represent New Romney at the launch of this prestigious new initiative. We are now perceived as being part of a national network that will help encourage the development of the arts across the Country. It is proof that the work we are doing is helping to put the Town on the Cultural map of England and, in so doing; it will support the regeneration work that is currently being undertaken or planned. These are exciting times for our area and I am so pleased that we may have the opportunity.”