Folkestone girls cause lifeboat launchfred clarke
Littlestone Lifeboat was launched last night at 2.15 to rescue two ladies who took a boat out for a late night trip around Folkestone Harbour.
Lifeboat crews rushed to the station and headed over to Folkestone arriving on scene at approximately 2.40 am to find the ladies trying to paddle the boat back to the harbour wall, they were assisted back to the safety of dry land and the lifeboat returned to the boathouse just after 3 am.
Lifeboat operations manager Charlie Davis told The Looker; “we were asked to attend just to make sure that the ladies got back ashore safely, however we cannot stress enough how dangerous it is drinking excesses of alcohol whilst at the seaside, not only does it diminish your judgement, Common sense tells us not to drink and either swim, surf, fish from rocks, operate a boat or drive – water and alcohol do not mix!
Drinking alcohol impairs your senses, encouraging risk-taking behaviour, meaning you are more likely to get into trouble.
If you drink and get into the water, tired muscles and confusion from being under the influence of alcohol, makes it harder to get out of trouble, we want people to come down to our beaches and have fun, but don’t want people taking unnecessary risks”.