Channel 4’s TV show ‘Location, Location, Location’ is looking out to house hunters in Kent and urging them to apply for the next series.
The channel’s “flagship” property series wants people who are searching for the perfect home to display their interest so they can get all the help and guidance they need from “property finding experts”, Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.location location

Since first airing in May 2000, ‘Location, Location, Location’ has remained popular with viewers who now have the chance to take centre stage.
IWC Media are responsible for processing applications and have urged those who are keen to be on the show to get in touch.
Colin Denton Told The Looker; “ we have not really featured this part of kent before, other than a couple of new build bungalows in St Mary’s Bay. We would love to feature properties in Dungeness, Lydd, New Romney or a Marsh village.
To put yourself forward for ‘Location, Location, Location’, visit